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Nurse's Notes

Letters are being sent out to the parents of students who will be due for a tetanus shot over the summer. The 10 year tetanus/diphtheria booster is a state required immunization. The school must have a copy of the record on file in order for the student to attend school. If you have it done over the summer, please bring a copy with you when you register for school in August. Immunizations can be obtained at Callaway County Health Department (642-6881) or Cole County Health Department (636-2181) at no charge.

Depending on where you go for the immunization, you may receive a Td (tetanus/diphtheria) shot; or a Tdap (tetanus/diphtheria/acellular pertussis). Acellular pertussis is an immunization against whooping cough. Cases of whooping cough have been on the rise the last few years. The FDA approved the Tdap immunization last year. If you would prefer your child to have this immunization, check with your doctor or other healthcare provider to see if they have it available. It is available at both county health departments.

If any students need a copy of their immunization records, they are available in the nurse’s office.

Student medications will be sent home during the last week of school. Over-the-counter medications will be sent home during the week; prescription medications will be sent home the last day of school. If a student is going to be absent during the last days of school, they need to remember to pick medications up the last day they are here. Seniors can pick up medications during the week of May 8. Any medications that are not picked up will be disposed of.

Summer Safety
Several students have reported to the nurse’s office recently with moderate to severe sunburns. Even though it is only April, the sun can already be dangerous. Please remember to use sunblock. Wear hats and shirts with sleeves if you work or play out in the sun for long periods.

There has also been an increase in the number of students recently with poison ivy. Wear protective clothing if you are outdoors, especially if you are in wooded or brushy areas. Pets can carry the oils from poison ivy and transfer it to people. Keep pets clean, and wash you hands well after touching a pet. Try to avoid letting a pet rub against your face.

Ticks, chiggers and other pests are already bad this year. Wearing hats, long sleeves, long pants and long socks when you are in wooded, brushy, or long grass areas can help you avoid them. Be sure to check for ticks if you have been outdoors. The sooner ticks are removed, the better.

Tima Goodnight

School Nurse

573-491-3700 ext. 203